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There are magnificent resources available on the web that enable the Life Sciences curriculum to be exciting and relevant to every learner.

Two of the best websites to use when teaching evolution are Understanding Evolution for Teachers and Becoming Human  and these sites make an excellent introduction to understanding evolution.

The ARKive project is another fantastic resource that has unique access to the very best of the world’s wildlife films and photographs, with more than 3,500 of the world’s leading filmmakers and photographers actively contributing to the project, and giving ARKive unprecedented access to their materials. Contributors include the most famous names in natural history broadcasting, commercial film and picture agencies, leading academic institutions and international conservation organisations, as well as myriad individual filmmakers, photographers, scientists and conservationists.

New resources are regularly added to the webpages and  this year weare focussing on Gr 10 CAPs requirements.

If you have any resources to share please send them to for inclusion on this website. If there are any sections that you would like us to add resources please contact us at the same address.

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